An open note to our TEDxPlano friends and fans:

If you are a ticket holder, you are already aware we have cancelled TEDxPlano 2020.

There is no escaping the impact of COVID-19 on “business as usual.” Many of our key partners are affected by revised policies, we have people traveling to Plano to attend the event, and none of us can count how many loved ones we have who might be included in a high risk group.

The TEDxPlano team looked at many options to avoid cancelling the event. Part of what makes TEDxPlano special is the interactive lobby, full of items for you to touch, see, do and taste. Cutting that from the event would have a huge impact on your overall experience. We looked at other alternatives, including a virtual experience or postponing. Neither was workable for a multitude of factors. In the end, we made the difficult decision to cancel the event for this year.

Cancelling wasn’t our plan and I promise you – cancelling is definitely the last thing I wanted to do. It’s heartbreaking. We’ve never cancelled in the history of TEDxPlano, and I wish that could have been a record we kept for a long time. However, sometimes what we want doesn’t line up with what we know is the right thing.

We hope you’ll be able to join us in 2021 – we’ve already started thinking through what we might do to make our 8th year of TEDxPlano an extra-special one.


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